You’re All Signed Up and Your Checklist is on the Way! But Wait! You’ve Unlocked an Exclusive One-Time Offer!

Oh my gosh I’m so excited to offer you this exclusive one-time discount on my Daily Visual Routine + Daily Checklists! This bundle of charts, pictures, and communication cards is everything I wish I had when my son started school.

I remember being anxious and knew my verbal communication about a new schedule and starting school was not getting through to my son. I had wished I had a visual to show my nonverbal son what was expected so he wasn’t taken by surprise.

But I didn’t have anything at that time besides a book about a mouse’s first day of school 😩.

So, I created this for other parents like me that just want a way to visually communicate to our kiddos about daily routines, school routines, and checklists of what’s expected. I even made a daily schedule that can be used for times school isn’t in session, such as spring break or summer vacations.

Here’s a Slideshow of What All is Included!

Daily Routine + Checklist Special Offer by Sundaee Sprouts

I know what you’re thinking because it’s what I’d be thinking too…”How much does all this cost?”

I felt in my gut that a normal price of $20 for all this would be a good deal, BUT you’ve unlocked a one-time exclusive offer of $9. At more than HALF THE PRICE, you can have all 24 pages of charts, checklists, 144 picture squares, and 80 communication cards at a steal price.

I can promise you right now, you will not see this price again, and I keep my promises. $9 is the lowest price I will be offering on this bundle. Furthermore, this bundle is not available in my Etsy store yet.

This is the Only Time You’ll See $9 For Everything So.…Buy Now!

Who Am I?

Holy moly, I didn’t introduce myself, so you’re probably wondering who I am to even be offering this bundle to you. I’m Sundaee, and I’m a mom of an amazing sprout who is nonverbal and autistic. I create products for him and other kiddos that need help with communication.

I started this with my Etsy shop Sundaee Sprouts that has over 1000 sales, a star seller, products labeled as best sellers, and a 5-star rating. I love helping sprouts like mine and families like mine with the products I create. It means the world to me when I have moms or educators reaching out to me because my products can help them in some way.

Picture of me, Sundaee, that runs this blog site

That is the goal of this bundle. To help you and your kiddo have a way to communicate about schedules, routines, and school. I feel like $9 is worth it to be able to foster communication and understanding 😊


If I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I receive a refund?

Due to the nature of digital products being immediately sent to you and having instant access to what the product contains, I do not offer refunds. If there is an issue with the product or you need any help, please reach out to me at because I’m more than happy to assist you!

Please visit my Digital Products Purchase Terms and Use page for more information. When you purchase my products then you agree to the purchase terms and use outlined on that page.

Do you guarantee the charts, checklists, and pictures in this bundle can help my child?

I cannot guarantee anything because all of our kiddos are different and learn differently. I can tell you from my experience that my son learns well with visual aids like the ones in this bundle. Even his speech teacher asked for the bundle to work with her kids. I’m optimistic that it can aid your child, but I cannot guarantee it.

Can I wait and purchase the bundle for $9 at a later time?

This is honestly a one-time exclusive offer that I’m offering here and now that will not be seen again. This is the lowest price you can purchase this for and it’s only available now.

Isn’t the freebie visual checklist and checkmark sheet I signed up for included in this bundle?

It is! My freebie was taken out of this bundle and that is why when you sign up for my freebie and email list you unlock this exclusive one-time offer. The bundle builds onto the checklist and is really a steal at $9. I’ve seen a single printable daily routine chart and a couple pages of pictures go for $5 or more on Etsy.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

This is a digital download only that you can print at home. I will not be sending you any physical products and I do not offer any options for physical products at this time.

Can I use this product even if my child isn’t in school yet?

Yes! There’s a daily routine page for that purpose along with the checklist. It’s perfect for getting your child used to routines and schedules with the visually appealing aspect.

What do I do if I have trouble downloading my product?

Just contact me at! If you’re having any issues with your digital product, then reach out to me so I can help you. I can email the file you purchased and try to assist you as much as I can.