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Me and my son

A Mom That Wants to Connect and Help

I’m a mom whose son is autistic that tries to create products that I wish I had when he was younger and products he needs now. I know we’re not the only family out here struggling with communication, independence, and behavior.

But, sometimes it feels that way. And if I feel that way, then I know there’s other moms out there that feel that way too. You feel lost some days or alone or you’re wondering what more you can do for your little sprout.

I truly want to connect and help you and your kiddo. Here’s how:

#1 Create Digital Products to Help with Communication, Routines, and Education

For most of us, our biggest goal with our kiddos is to foster communication and understanding with them. It can be hard to find communication cards, worksheets, routine charts, or anything that really helps our kiddos.

I want to be that helpful source that creates the products your kid needs to thrive and grow. I know my son is very visual, so I make communication cards with pictures and words. Routine charts or schedules are also visual. 

Furthermore, I know autistic kids tend to be delayed in school, so that is why I like to make worksheets not just for the basics, but also to help their concentration and fine motor skills.

I want to create digital products that help your kid and make things easier on you as a mom. We have enough on our plates without having to look at a million sites trying to find the perfect product to help our kiddo and possibly never really finding it.

You can check out my Etsy Shop Sundaee Sundries to get a feel for some of my creations while I build up my website!

#2 Write Blog Posts to Help Empower Your Child by Building Confidence and Encouraging Independence

It is so important for our sprouts to feel confidence in the world around them and have even a little bit of independence. I know I’m guilty of hovering and spoiling my son like crazy, so these blog articles are just as much for me as they are for you. We don’t know what the future holds for our kids and that’s scary. But, teaching them ways to be independent while giving them confidence is a way to make it less scary.

I want to help you figure out what works for your child to help them grow their skills because no two sprouts are exactly alike. Your child may be at a skill level they can cook a little bit with your help, but my son is not. I want to help you with ideas and activities to engage your kiddo that also helps with skills they can use in life. I want us to learn and grow together with our kids while we discover more aspects of their amazing selves.

Here’s my 6 Tips to Empower Your Autistic Child by Building Independece if you’re curious about how I’d like to help with blogging.

#3 Recommend Resources for Your Sprout and You

I really want to be a great source for your sprouts and for you. There’s so much information out there with tips and advice, so let me sort through it and recommend what looks best. I am excited to have resources for all skill levels and interests so we can all find something useful and/or fun for our kiddos. More than that, I think it’s important for moms to have resources too.

We are so guilty of not taking caring of ourselves. After my son was born, I went through a phase of not even going to the doctor to get necessary check-ups and medicines I need to keep my from having a stroke. But it didn’t faze me because I was focused on taking care of my son. And that’s not good and I don’t want you to be the same as me.

I’m going to encourage self-care for all of us plus provide planners, schedules, and anything else you need to thrive too. If mom isn’t happy and thriving, then everyone in the house can feel it. So be ready for resources for your kiddo, also for YOU too! <3

#4 Be a Mom Friend that Lends You an Ear and Advice if You’d Like It

I get moms in my inbox that are so thankful for resources, but they feel so alone in all this. Even with a good support system, it can still feel like you’re alone, lost, and could be doing more for your kiddo. The mom guilt is so real, and I don’t want you thinking you’re alone in this. I don’t want you thinking your child is alone in this.

If you need to vent, I’m here. You need advice, I will do my best to help you based on my experiences. Worried about your kiddo? I’ve been there and at the very least make you feel heard. We love our kids so much, but I know all too well that anxiety of “am I doing enough?” or “should I be doing more?” or even “is my child the only one that does this?”.

I want to be that mom friend that you can have a cup of coffee with and tell me what’s going on with no judgement. I’m a hot mess express, but I do all I can to make sure my son is happy and thriving. So I’d love to be your friend and we both know that things will be okay.

#5 I Want to Help You Create Products Your Sprouts Needs

While I make a variety of products, nothing will ever beat something custom for your kiddo and you. I want you to reach out if you have an idea for something you need or want created. Even if it’s something general that you’ve been looking for or something customized just for you, I want to be able to make it for you.

The goal of this site is to be your source of products, information, and a mom friend that gets it, but that only works if you’re giving me your feedback. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want, and I will do my best to create it. I want to have services where I make customized products, but also general products that I can put up for you to buy as well. So never be shy to reach out to me about anything because I love to hear from you and I love to help.

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