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12 Fun Summer Activities for Kids with Autism

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As parents we can be as a loss for fun summer activities for kids with autism. And if you’re not in an area with a summer program for autistic kids, then what to do?

Why not do summer activities for kids with autism at home?

I just want to give some ideas in case you’re in an area like mine that does not have summer programs and other resources available.

We can instead make our own fun summer activities for kids with autism from the safety of our own yards!

Keep in mind that all of our sprouts are in different levels of life, so my suggestions might be too simplistic or they might be too difficult.

But I’ll have a variety so you’re bound to find something your sprout will enjoy :)

Summer Activities for Kids with Autism -- Sundaee Sprouts Blog

12 Summer Activities for Kids with Autism

#1 Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a fun way to get your child moving and problem-solving. It helps with gross motor skills as well.

Set up an indoor (on a rainy day) or outdoor obstacle course using items you might have at home such as: hula hoops, cones, Pringles cans, and ropes.

Remember to make sure the obstacle course suites your child’s abilities and preferences so they’ll really enjoy the obstacle course.

Obstacle Course Ideas to Get you Going:

#2 Running Through the Sprinklers

Another fun gross motor skill activity is running through sprinklers. Have them jump over the sprinklers and run around.

You could even add sprinklers to the obstacle course to let them cool off while they do the course!

My child is a water kid. He will sit in a mud puddle to just be able to play in water, so sprinklers are a fun outdoor activity for him, but…

While it’s one of his favorite autism summer activities be sure to keep in mind if your child has any sensory issues (like wet clothes clinging to their skin).

Ideas to Make the Sprinklers More Fun:

#3 Scavenger Hunt

Create or find a free scavenger hunt that you can enjoy with your kiddos even if it’s just in your own backyard. It’s one of the interactive and fun autism summer activities you can do.

It’s an all-around great way to engage autistic kids during summer break and spend time together.

You can provide a list of items for your child to find and really encourage them to explore and observe if they’re able to.

I actually made a Free Backyard Scavenger Hunt to get you started!

Here are more scavenger hunt ideas:

#4 Outdoor Sensory Bins for Autism

This is one I’m excited about and never even thought about. My son H is a sensory seeker for the most part. Unless it’s goopy, then he’s out.

Sensory bins are easy to set up because you just need a bin or bucket, then add something like sand, pinecones, beans, crushed ice, or anything that appeals to the senses that your child might like.

If you have a sensory seeker, then these DIY sensory activities for autism are perfect to try.

Outdoor Sensory Bins Ideas:

#5 Flying Kites

Flying kites combine the fun of running and the visual stimulation of watching your kite soar.

Even if you’re the one doing all the work, take your child’s hand and run with them and let them hold the string with you.

Then if they’re able to, they can take over and enjoy their soaring kite floating above them.

Some cool kites I found:

#6 Sports Activities

Does your child enjoy any sport activities? For instance, H loves tee ball surprisingly. Or maybe they like playing catch or shooting some hoops.

Even bowling outside can be fun! Get a bigger ball to roll and some Pringles cans as pins and you’ve got a fun bowling party.

Make sure to modify the rules and equipment to match their current skill level so it’s fun and engaging for your sprouts. That’s what makes it a fun summer activity for kids with autism.

Just a Few Ideas to Get you Started:

#7 Sidewalk Chalk Art

If you have a creative little one, then let me show their creativity with sidewalk chalk. You can get tubs of chalk and chalk holders so they don’t scrape their hands.

And if that isn’t their vibe (H would hate drawing) then…

They can do games like hopscotch or four square for some gross motor fun as well.

If you have a kiddo that likes to move and groove then use the chalk to make games to hop and bounce balls.

Sidewalk Chalk and Chalk Holders if you need them:

#8 Kiddie Pool with Water Toys

Calling water lovers looking for a way to cool off for the summer.

Just get a kiddie pool from Dollar General, fill it up with water, and get some water toys.

You could even make it sensory with some large water beads! Just watch the chewers out there. H would be looking to take a bite out of one lol.

Kiddie Pool Fun Ideas:

#9 Outdoor Music and Dance

This is a fun way to get outside and get down with some tunes. Just get outside and play from your phone, a radio, or a portable Bluetooth speaker and get your kiddo dancing.

The movement and the good vibes from the music will make it a fun day. You can add sprinklers or a kiddie pool to make it a water music and dance party to cool off.

Ideas to Get Moving:

#10 Nature Photography

Encourage your child to take pictures and see nature from their point of view.

Just hand over your phone and let them focus on the details of nature while making photographic memories.

You could turn this into a photo scavenger hunt where they need to get pictures of a list of different items in nature!

There’s an app called Seek by iNaturalist that identifies plants and animals with the app’s image recognition technology. It could be a fun learning activity!

#11 Outdoor Yoga or Mindfulness

This doesn’t have to be serious as long as they are having a calm moment outside and stretch out a little.

They can do yoga poses or mindfulness exercises if they’re able to.

Just encourage deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

Here’s a list to get started:

#12 Stargazing

Those nice clear nights are perfect to lay a blanket down and do some stargazing, and is an autism-friendly summer activity that can combine stas and technology.

You can point out constellations (I can find Orion and the Dippers), but there are also apps to help with that and make stargazing more fun!

Stargazing Apps:
  • SkyView Lite app
  • Sky Guide app


There are so many different fun summer activities for kids with autism that you and your child can enjoy together.

I even created a Summer Planner to help you get some ideas and planning going.

The fun thing about summer planners is they can help you get organized but are entirely flexible in doing what you want to do for the summer.

I would love to know what you and your sprouts do for fun during the summer!

Post in the comments or send me an email at and let me know.

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  1. I love this idea and am excited to try it with my speech therapy students. It’s always great to have new ideas that are affordable!

  2. I love this idea and am excited to try it with my speech therapy students. The students love new things and it’s can be a challenge to think of new activities. Thank you!

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