Sundaee Sprouts Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

Sundaee Sprouts was designed to make creations for different needs sprouts to grow and thrive, but also so we parents, caregivers, and educators can not only help them but thrive as well.

Sundaee Sprouts is an expansion of my Etsy shop (formerly Sundaee Sundries) that started really getting sales when I posted some communication cards I made for my son. I had looked around for communication cards or charts but could never find exactly what I was looking for.

So I made what I was looking for and then put it in my Etsy shop. And I made it affordable because I can’t stand thinking that a price would stand in the way of someone being able to purchase something to help their kiddo (times are rough for so many…me included!).

With expanding outside out of Etsy, I can really connect to those who need Sundaee Sprouts. I want to be more than just a shop.

What do you need to help your child? What do you need to help yourself? How can I take some weight off your shoulders?

I want to boost communication with our sprouts through communication cards, worksheets, charts and whatever else I can make that you all find helpful. I’d love to make planners or do posts about self-care because we all know we’re skimping on that.

I have so many ideas, but I need to hear from you all because I want a community for all of us. I want a place to talk, vent, feel seen and heard. A place where we may not all agree, but we’re respectful and open minded.

Some of my ideas are:

  • Improving my creations and redo my listings on Etsy and have the products listed on my site.
  • Open slots up to create custom creations .
  • Get my son’s speech teacher’s tips and advice to share.
  • Create more communication cards, worksheets, coloring pages, charts, and whatever else my community needs.
  • Coffee Chats! I have an idea for Zoom meetings to drink coffee and just talk about whatever.

Sundaee Sprouts is for our kiddos and helping them in any way possible, but also for moms, caregivers, and educators to get help as well. I’m so excited to connect, make new friends, and find out how I can be of help.

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