Hi, I’m Sundaee, and I love creating digital products while helping and connecting with families like mine. My son is nonverbal and autistic, so I do all I can to create things to help him and other sprouts like him.

Picture of me, Sundaee, that runs this blog site

I would like to help you with communication and working with your child at home or have resources to use in the classroom. We want our sprouts to thrive and grow, but need a way to do that, right?

I am really good at creating digital products that help foster communication. I have created communication cards, charts, worksheets, and I want to connect with you to make even more amazing things for our kiddos.

I have an Etsy store called Sundaee Sprouts that has over 1000 sales and a five-star rating from families like ours that have purchased my creations and have been happy with the results. I am even in the process of helping my son’s speech teacher to create resources for his classroom to help them with communication and understanding schedules.

A Few Fun Facts!

  1. I am not a morning person, but have to be since my son is in school and refuses to sleep in 🥲
  2. I love romance novels and webtoons/webcomics especially historical romance ❤️
  3. I enjoy a variety of shows from trash TV (Vanderpump Rules drama anyone?) to anime (the One Piece is real!) to comedies (I’ve binge watched New Girl several times) to cartoons (such a wide range from Rick and Morty to the Owl House)
  4. I still listen to all the same music I listened to from middle school to college and only recognize newer music if I’ve heard it on TikTok or Instagram Reels lol; Examples of my taste: Spice Girls, BSB, Ludacris, Taking Back Sunday, System of a Down, Rammstein, 2gether, Brand New, Britney Spears….the list goes on (90s and early 2000s = my jam)
  5. Coffee ☕️ is my friend in the mornings. Want to do a coffee chat? Let’s do it over an afternoon cup of coffee please (see fun fact 1 for why lol)
  6. I’m an introvert. A huge introvert. I’m one of those people that could never leave the house and be happy; however….
  7. I do enjoy talking and connecting to others, especially those who understand the awkwardness and social battery of someone like me
  8. I went gray headed extremely early and have just given up on trying to restore my youthful appearance by dyeing my hair and just have to embrace the fine lines 😜
  9. I love a cool, gloomy, stormy day to listen to the rain, hide from the sun, and read or work or nap
  10. Speaking of naps…I love them and miss them dearly (even though I do nod off when I’m really tired)